James River Sponsorship
& Ticket VIP Packages

// James River Package: $5,000

The James River level sponsorship provides you and/or your company with the opportunity to support charity and receive special recognition and privileges at one of the most unique sporting events in the world. Includes: 

  • Four (4) week-long full-access VIP Level Passes (Tuesday–Sunday) with access to both (2) golf courses, plus concessions and restaurants at both courses.
    • Exclusive access to Top of the Rock Clubhouse includes the remarkable Osage Restaurant, the extraordinary "End of the Trail" All-American Wine Cellar, and the breathtaking Buffalo Bar with complimentary food and select wine, as well as Anheuser Busch® and Coca-Cola® products. This stunning facility overlooks Table Rock Lake and Top of the Rock Golf Course
  • Access to restricted VIP areas providing up-close opportunities to view the greatest golf legends ever while taking advantage of breathtaking Ozarks scenery
  • Special VIP parking 
  • One-quarter (1/4) page advertisement in our Official Tournament Program
  • Company name on our electronic tournament scoreboard
  • Company logo on Bass Pro Shops® Legends of Golf® website

In addition, as our guests you'll receive Special Access to the Johnny Morris' Ozarks Heritage Preserve featuring the Ancient Ozarks Natural History Museum. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, unimaginable beasts roamed the land. As time passed, cave dwellers and then Native Americans populated these Ozark hills. The museum brings you face-to-face with marvels like the full skeletal remains of woolly mammoths, giant cave bears, hell pigs, terror birds, and more. It also houses one of America’s most significant collections of prehistoric and Native American artifacts, all of which tell the history of the earliest animals and people to inhabit Missouri’s White River Basin. Galleries showcasing the American West and Civil War complete your journey back in time. 

You’ll also enjoy a self-guided golf cart tour through the Lost Canyon Cave Trail. This winding trail takes you into the heart of the incredible 10-story-tall Lost Canyon Cave and over bridges that span crevices 100 feet deep! You’ll also discover the breathtaking “Table Rock” limestone formations that gave the local lake its name. Don’t miss it!

For more information, please contact Kirk Elmquist at (417) 873-5559 or at [email protected]